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Don’t worry if your ideas seem a little vague and you can’t explain what you want. We are experts in asking the right questions and then explaining things so they make sense.


You may be missing out and not even know it. If the concepts of databases are a little fuzzy to you, how would you know if you were missing a major opportunity?
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Symptoms you are overdue for a database:

  1. You use Excel a lot and it sometimes frustrates or scares you a little.
  2. You re-type things often.
  3. You do a lot of cutting and pasting
  4. You do a lot of “file save as”
  5. You print stuff out and mark it up with colored pens.

The following are some useful pieces of information about database driven websites:

  • They make searching more organized and easier.
  • You can make your website interactive with your clients. Your bank uses a database with their website so you can pay your bills from your own account. Your wesite can have the same power. Your clients can access their data on your website saving your staff time.
  • They can be made highly secure just like the bank website.
  • A database driven website can be the foundation for an effecient business process. Is your current business process a convoluted process evolved from a mismash of manual paper work grafted on some Excel spreadsheets and random email and finished off with Quickbooks? Imagine how an elegently designed website with a unified database and intelligent process flow could revolutionize your business.
  • You can offer more services or better service with no extra work

Some technical talk

There are many database models we can use. One of the most powerful is the relational model. An amazing thing about the relational model is that it is based on a solid mathamatical and logical foundation.
You may never need to know about “primary keys”, “foreign keys”, “inner joins”, “non-informational keys” and “third normal form” but we do. When we apply these powerful concepts to your business problems you will see that what looked like hard problems just melt away. We have the sophistication to bring to bear the full weight of modern science to your business problems.

AJAX, Web 2.0, Flash and Rich Interface

You may have noticed that normal programs like Quickbooks and Microsoft Word behave differently than a typical website for filling out an interactive form. The fact is that the web was never orginally designed to be used for a real application where you enter data in a form and get results back. With new technolgies like AJAX we can design a web page that has all of the benifits of a normal desktop application and still have all theĀ benefitsĀ of a web application.