Desktop support can be painful or easy.

The painful way is to have someone sitting in your seat for hours poking away and when your get your seat back the computer may or may not be better and for how long?

The easy way is if you have a significant problem with your computer we prepare a new computer in another room set it up fresh with just what you need just the way you like it. Once you approve the setup we swap the new computer with the old. You are inconvenienced about five minutes.

This may sound a little scary because you are used to the computer being so mysterious. If you have had a bad experience in the past with a computer upgrade the Soft Designs process is different. You get your desktop back just like your need it with your favorites and shortcuts all working. Once you have experienced this the Soft Designs way, you will be liberated from a flakey, cranky computer in just minutes.

We have loaner and trade in computers for just this purpose, whatever it takes to get you back to work fast and easy.

Many of our repairs can be done remotely with our custom remote control software.

Our high-powered anti-virus software keeps your computer clean.

The key to our success in being able to either quickly fix or swap out a computer is that we take meticulous notes on each workstation and the network as a whole. This makes it very easy to do what has to be done because all we need to do is just look it up.