Web Design

Specializing in content driven database websites for serious business competitors.

If you just want a very simple basic web site we can do that too.

The following are some general categories of websites

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Simple. Elegant. Inexpensive.
A web site is a prerequisite to having a business in this century just like having a business card.

A web page is a necessity because it saves you money. You can’t possibly fit your complete message on your business card or print ad. Your web page is where potential customers will go to get the rest of the story.

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Database Driven
Are you ready to be a serious competitor?

In 1994 FedEx was the first to introduce web based package tracking.

Can you guess when UPS introduced the same service? Thanks right 1995.

You have a choice. Either compete using today’s tools or suffer the consequences.
A database backed website can :

Empower clients to help themselves saving your staff time.
Speed up processes that currently use the phone or mail.

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Shopping Cart
Sell like the big guys but don’t spend like one.

If you have stuff to sell you know you need a shopping cart, but can you afford one? Yes you can.

We have an already built shopping cart we just have to customize to your needs and load your data and you are ready to sell.

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As pretty as a picture and as rich as a movie.

If your website is about the look and style or action consider flash.

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